Development of selective and efficient as well as ecologically and economically benign synthetic methods
The development of efficient and selective as well as ecologically and economically benifical synthetic procedures is a major goal in modern organic synthesis. We have introduced the concept of domino reactions into science which has shown its high potential in recent years. Thus, it allows the preparation of complex molecules starting from simple substrates under identical conditions with excellent atom and step economy. Moreover, for the synthesis of substance libraries the use of multicomponent domino reactions is highly advantageous. The procedure is employed by us in the synthesis of natural products and materials as electronic switches and motors. Typical domino reactions developed by us are the domino-Knoevenagel/hetero-Diels-Alder, the domino-Knoevenagel/ene, the domino-amidation/imine formation/electrophilic substitution, the domino-oxiran ring opening/Brook rearrangement, the enantioselective domino-Wacker/Heck, the enantioselective domino-Wacker/carbonylation/methylation, the domino-carbopalladation/Stille and the domino-carbopalladation/CH-activation reaction. Moreover, we have developed a highly selective domino-allylation of aldehydes and ketones to give enantiopure homoallylic ethers.

Domino-Sonogashira/Carbopalladation/CH-activation reaction for the synthesis of molecular switches.

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